Nastupiće preko 20 džez muzičara i program će biti podeljen na  sedam muzičkih celina:  Old jazz instrumental, vocal latino moments, modern jazz standards, vocal jazz classic, Aleksandar Dujin – autorska muzika, jazz juniori (najmlađi jazz muzičari), jugoslovenski retro jazz, i za kraj DJ Lemon.

Nastupaju: Aleksandar Dujin – klavir, Miroslav Karlović –  bubnjevi, Saša Ignjatović – perkusije, Fedor Ruškuc – kontrabas, Svetlana Ceca Palada – vokal, Vanja Jakovljević – gitara, Dragan Kozarčić – truba, Nemanja Zlatarev – trombon, Rebert Sič – kontrabas, Nevena Reljin – vokal, Robert Pongo –  bubnjevi, Ištvan Mađarić – bas, Voja Savkov – saksofon, Mira Draganić i Zoran Šandorov – vokal,  Jazz Juniori i DJ Lemon.



2 komentara na “Jazz Open Air 2012: Petrovaradinska tvrđava”

  1. Without a doubt, the worst venue for Jazz that I have ever visited.
    Located in the most inaccessible part of this labyrinthine fortress,
    reached after negotiating a 50-metre tunnel in pitch darkness, the site proved to be a strange tiny rectangular area with virtually no seats.
    People, Jazz is to be listened to. Open-air Jazz concerts can be beautiful experiences but not when accompanied by loud-mouthed, beer-swilling people.

    1. Without a doubt, this was one of the most beautiful, and romantic places that I’ve ever visited.

      Located inside the famous XVII Century fortress, with parking in front of the entrance, Boris Atelier could be reached by car or taxi, for less than 1 GBP (one pound sterling), from the center of Novi sad. Novi sad Music Academy is situated just 3 minutes’ walk, so as many of the other artistic ateliers and the office of the local astronomic society.

      The tunnel is wide enough for cars, and dark enough to negotiate hidden kisses with charming partners.

      But, the best was yet to come. The basic area is in two levels. Lower with a bar in wood, and three always smiling bartenders offering you a drink in less than 60 seconds. Upper, with a stage big enough for 8 musicians, and lovely trees behind, with white lights on them, making their green leaves shining as in the paradise. Front area for the audience was big enough for some 150 visitors, e.g. not smaller than Village Vanguard in NYC, accompanied with some tables and chairs so as to imitate the atmosphere of the typical jazz club. In theory, if more people showed up, in the back there was a 1km area more to stand, or sit on the grass and enjoy the music.

      English Jazz, Jazz is to be listened to, but also to enjoy in various ways. Jazz was the dance music in 30s and 40s. The music that was presented in Boris Atelier was predominantly party music. Latin, Fusion, Serbo-Croatian pop songs from 60s and 70s in swing arrangements. Perfect for party, loud singing and laughing, and drinking beer. Are you listening to the British trad-jazz, or Latino pop, or Paul Anka swing project in perfect silence, drinking lemonade?

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